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Far East Tone Joins Hands with China Mobile to Develop IoT Application
December 27, 2018

Far East Tone and China Mobile have officially signed an IoT (Internet of Things) MoU (Memorandum of understanding) yesterday, the China Times reported on December 24. In addition to signing the NB-IoT Roaming Agreement, the two companies also become the partners of China Mobile Internet of Things Alliance. Under the MoU, the two will start working on the development of IoT in Mainland China as well as other oversea markets. Due to the incoming technology of 5G and the major application service of IoT heavily replying on 5G, the two companies do not rule out the possibility of expanding 5G collaboration in the future.

Besides, Far-East Tone has also joined the "DoCoMo Asia Internet of Things Project" this November and the "Taiwan Cloud Internet of Things Industry Association" to issue the "Internet of Things Ecology Handbook 2.0" in December. Nearly 100 well-known IoT companies such as Amazon, Nokia, and Leedarson have participated the IoT Ecosystem so far. Also, Far-East Tone has joined the “Hand-in-Hand Program (hi-H Project) initiated by China Mobile. Through this cooperation built by the two companies, Taiwanese vendors can further exploit new IoT business opportunities in Mainland China and then connect to the world.