Asia Express
Foxconn is Shifting Supply Chain Away from China to the US, Mexico, Vietnam, and Taiwan
December 13, 2018

Foxconn recently announced that the company is set to accelerate global supply chain production optimization within the next two quarters to ensure smooth and precise shifting of its supply chain away from China to the United States, Mexico, Vietnam, and Taiwan to offset the impact of the US-China trade war, the Economic Daily News reported on December 9. Foxconn plans to achieve an accurate supply chain shift within half a year with an aim to improve global industrial AI and industrial IoT (Internet of Things) competitiveness to provide customers with better services through smart factories. In addition, Foxconn will expand its market deployment in North America and Latin America while transferring high-end cloud server production lines from Nanning of China to Texas. In Mexico, Foxconn has acquired a local factory in December to further strengthen the integrity of the local supply chain in Latin America. In Vietnam, Foxconn schedules to transfer some residential and LTE/5G network communication production lines in North America to Vietnam within the next two quarters to cater to local customer demand. With the headquarters and R&D base located in Taiwan, Foxconn will focus on the production of high-end products such as GPUs, telematics, and storage devices in Taiwan while introducing AI technologies to these products.