Asia Express
Taiwan's First Hybrid Electric Street Sweeper to Hit the Road in Kaohsiung
December 07, 2018

The Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung, the major southern city of Taiwan, recently announced that it will add four hybrid electric street sweepers to the existing street sweeper fleets, the Yahoo News reported on November 30. The fleets will conduct street dust cleaning operations from October 2018 to April 2019 with an aim to provide a better living environment for citizens by reducing road dust, which accounts for 58.3% of the city's TSP (Total Suspended Particles). The size of a hybrid electric street sweeper is only half of the original one so the average fuel consumption can be reduced by 40%. In addition to Kaohsiung, the Taipei government has also purchased 17 hybrid electric vehicles for resource recovery this year, boasting to reduce 161kg of PM2.5 every year.