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Uber, Hitachi, and UK Power Networks Team up for Electric Vehicles in the UK
December 07, 2018

Several companies including Uber, Hitachi, UK Power Networks, and others have formed alliances to conduct a three-year global experiment for commercial electric vehicles in the UK early next year with an aim to solve the problem of insufficient charging stations, the United Daily News reported on December 12. Under the project named Optimise Prime, they will jointly launch 3,000 electric vehicles in London by the end of 2021 to collect driving habits and route data in order to design the best charging station network and identify time periods with maximum electricity demand. The data obtained in this experimental project will be shared with the IT and automotive industries to assist businesses and governments in policy or investment decision-making. Thanks to the government's preferential policies, electric vehicles are estimated to account for 30% of the total new car sales in the UK by 2030, up from the current 1.7%. Uber currently has about 65,000 drivers in the UK and plans to make all vehicles electrified by 2025. Meanwhile, Hitachi will interpret data collected from its IoT (Internet of Things) platform. On top of that, Fox Motors recently also formed a strategic alliance with British retail giant Tesco to set up nearly 2,500 charging stations in its 600 parking lots within the next three years.