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Taiwanese Yageo to Expand Production Capacity in Kaohsiung for Over US$300 Million Over the Next Three Years
November 16, 2018
Taiwanese passive component manufacturer Yageo recently announced that it will expand its production capacity in Taiwan to respond to the ongoing US-China trade war and increasing market demand for passive components, the United Daily News reported on November 9. The company is set to invest TWD 10 billion (USD 324 million; USD 1=TWD 30.85) to build a new plant and boost capacity of its existing production bases in Kaohsiung over the next three years. With the area of 20,790 square meters, the new plant will be located at the Kaohsiung Dafa Industrial Park to roll out the medium- and large- size high-capacity capacitors and high-end passive components for automobiles. Passive components refer to a wide range of electronic items such as IC resistors, inductors, and multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) used for various consumer electronics devices.