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LG and Robotis Co-develop Self-Driving Modules for Robots
October 19, 2018

LG recently announced that it has signed a service agreement with robotics manufacturer Robotis to build self-driving modules, which are essential parts of mobile robots, the Korea Times reported on October 1. Under the agreement, LG's Advanced Robotics Lab will be in charge of developing software for robots using intelligent navigation technologies, while Robotis will provide hardware. In 2017, LG acquired a 10.12% stake in Robotis and recently also invested USD 5 million in an automation store inventory startup Bossa Nova Robotics and two South Korean robotics companies, SG Robotics and Robostar. LG’s largest robotic application is for Incheon International Airport where its robots can scan boarding passes, show directions, tidy up the area, and speak four languages: English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, with its voice recognition platform built-in. Thus far, LG has two AI R&D labs in Korea and Canada, respectively, which focus on the research of AI-related technologies such as computer vision, voice recognition, and natural language processing.