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Advantech to Establish the Fourth Strategic Location in India
October 19, 2018

Taiwanese IPC (Industrial PC) company Advantech recently announced that it will set up a new strategic location in New Delhi, India, to deepen its presence in the Indian IoT (Internet of Things) market, the United Evening News reported on October 5. Following Bangalore, Pune, and Ahmedabad, the New Delhi base will be its fourth strategic location in India that aims to facilitate the establishment of a local industrial ecosystem for Taiwanese companies while making India one of the major shipment destinations for the Taiwanese smart manufacturing industry. India is the world’s sixth largest economy and the second most populated country. Therefore, Advantech sees India as one of its most important bases in South Asia. The computer supplier first entered the Silicon Valley of India and set up headquarter in 2002. In addition, it has aggressively taken part in “Make in India” initiative and involved in several large-scale infrastructure projects in India. Over the years, Advantech India has made a double-digit annual growth and is to hit a new high in 2018. Other than IoT, Advantech also aims to extend reach to steel plant, power plant, mine, and automobile manufacturing markets in India.