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Winbond Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for New 12-inch Fab in Taiwan
October 09, 2018

Taiwanese memory chipmaker Winbond Electronics recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new 12-inch fab located at the Southern Taiwan Science Park, with an aim to meet growing market demand for memory chips used in IoT (Internet of Things) and connected devices, and industrial automation systems, the Apple Daily News reported on October 3. Covering an area of 25 hectares, this Kaohsiung's new plant is the second 12-inch wafer fab of Winbond in Taiwan that will fabricate wafers using 25nm technology. The fab is scheduled to complete contruction in 2020 and begin operations in 2021. For the fab, Winbond plans to invest a total of USD10.9 billion. Upon completion, Winbond expects the fab will initially churn out 285,000 wafers per month. Furthermore, it also has plans to expand monthly capacity of its existing 12-inch fab in central Taiwan from the current 44,000 to 54,000 wafers in early 2019. Winbond specializes in manufacturing and designing specialty DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) and flash memory chips and is currently the world's fifth largest DRAM maker.