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Taiwan's Executive Yuan Launches New Task Force to Build an Advanced Local AI Chip Industry Chain
October 03, 2018

Taiwanese Executive Yuan recently established a task force dedicated to carrying out the AI on Chip Demonstration Project with an aim to build up an AI chip alliance and an advanced local AI chip industry chain, the Central News Agency reported on September 28. The task force will focus on the development of four major types of AI chips, including semi-common AI chips, heterogeneous integration AI chips, newly emerging computing architecture-based AI chips, and AI chip software compiler environment development. In addition, the project will be conducted in two phases to align with several government-supported AI plans and projects such as the "Five Plus Two" innovative industries plan, Taiwan AI Action Plan approved by Executive Yuan early this year, and the AI Pilot Promotion Plan of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as the Semiconductor Moonshot Project and the AI Innovation Research Center Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology. To make the advanced industry chain a reality, the task force has sought advice from companies such as Etron Technology, Google Taiwan, Cisco Taiwan, MediaTek, Maronix, Novatek Microelectronics, and Elan Microelectronics while uniting the resources from the industry, government, research, and academic sectors.