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Acer Join Hands with Yulon Motor in Developing Taiwan's First Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles
September 28, 2018

Taiwanese Acer and the automaker Yulon Motor recently announced that they will integrate their proprietary IT and automotive technologies to develop Taiwan's first homegrown level 4 autonomous vehicle, the TechNews reported on September 27. This autonomous vehicle is built on Luxgen's S3 electronic car platform which is developed by Yulon Motor's subsidiary HAITEC (Hua-Chuang Automobile Information Technical Center) and is integrated with Acer Value Lab's autonomous driving software system. Aside from decision-making and control technologies, sensing technology is an essential part of Acer Value Lab's autonomous driving software system as the system features real-time kinematic, Lidar, MMW (Millimeter Wave) radar, and ultrasonic radar; image-recognition based on deep learning and sensor-fused algorithm, dynamic decision-making and movement control via IMU (inertial measurement unit). Acer’s system also provides cloud-based smart management services that enable users to submit their requests using the app on smartphone. On top of that, Acer also plans to set up an open platform to provide API (Application Programming Interface) to encourage app developers to come out with more custom applications and service offerings.