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Taipei City to Promote New Intelligent Parking Service with 20% Discount
September 07, 2018
Taipei City recently announced that it will offer a 20% discount to drivers who park their vehicles in the intelligent parking spaces, the TaiwanNews reported on September 6. Currently, the discount will be applied only to 44 parking spaces in three locations of Taipei City, including Songzhi Road, Heping East Road section 1, and Changchun Road. The discount will be given if drivers pay via electronic means such as smartphone apps, QR code, or EasyCard. Next, Taipei City plans to implement the service to 98 parking spaces of nine streets using seven different apps. By the end of 2019, the Taipei City government will determine which app will be most popular and widely adopted, and will issue just one valid app later. Drivers can still pay by the original payment method without discount.