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ITRI Launches New Artificial Intelligence Co-creation Platform
August 27, 2018

Taiwan's ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) recently launched a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) co-creation platform, dubbed “AIdea”, with an aim to seek the best AI solutions for local enterprises, the United Daily News reported on August 22. A total of 200 companies have engaged with the platform, including ASUS, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan Taxi, and China Petrochemical Development Corporation. A breakthrough in AI technology has triggered the revolution and has given Taiwan a great potential in AI associated with the manufacturing, retail, finance, and medical industries. Take the medical industry as an example, Taiwan has enormous national health insurance information which is suitable for the development of AI-based precision medicine. Given that domestic enterprises are mainly SMEs, ITRI has created this AI platform to facilitate the domestic industry and academia to quickly integrate with AI applications. AIdea is similar to other overseas co-creation platforms. However, instead of focusing on creating industrial benefits like AIdea, US' Kaggle and China's Tianchi are designed mainly as contest platforms. AIdea allows enterprises to conduct quality data analytics, AI applications assessment, AI application developments, de-identification of data, and data errata and labeling to help them identify and deepen their presence in the AI applications. Taiwan's Ministry of Education is the first partner of AIdea and is set to hold a national college AI competition on this platform in September.