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7-Eleven Opens Second Unmanned X-Store in Taiwan
August 21, 2018

7-Eleven opened its second unmanned convenience store, called X-Store, in Taipei, Taiwan, the United Daily News reported on July 18. Compared to the first X-Store, the new one has 6 additional services such as 7/24 operations, facial recognition, and the Taiwan's first AI-powered ATM (Automated Teller Machines), dubbed X-ATM, for customers to withdraw and deposit money using fingerprint and facial recognition technologies. Opened in January 2018 and originally only for its employees, 7-11’s first X-Store has opened to the public on June 25. The number of customers visiting the first X-Store has claimed to have increased by 50% over the last six months. In order to make in-store purchases within 10 seconds, customers have to have an iCash 2.0 card. Coupled with 28 technologies and over 1,000 emerging connected devices such as IoT (Internet of Things) stock control systmes, automated e-tags, out-of-stock analysis, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) self-checkout systems, the new X-Store can help save the staff's time by 80% to reduce labor costs. Meanwhile, Family Mart recently has also opened its AI conceptual store in Taiwan and is set to open its first smart store sometime in August this year.