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Innolux and Family Mart Open A New Smart Convenience Store in Southern Taiwan
August 17, 2018

Following the opening of its AI (Artificial Intelligence) conceptual store, Family Mart recently opened its first smart convenience store at Taiwan's Tainan Science Park in cooperation with Taiwanese panel maker Innolux, a subsidiary of Hon Hai, the United Daily News reported on August 14. Unlike the unmanned design like 7-Eleven's unmanned X-Store, Family Mart has embraced the smart retail solutions jointly developed by Innolux, Dell, Microsoft, Novatek Microelectronics, E-Ink, ACTi, and RapidSignage to give consumers an easier access to products-on-shelves and enhance their in-store shopping experience. The smart store will install more than 100 devices equipped with Innolux's displays with screen sizes ranging from 23- to 58-inches for 7 major smart display applications, including two AI shelves. With the support of the IoT (Intent of Things) networks and devices such as cameras and sensors, the store is able to conduct facial recognition, automatic equipment examination, data collection, and big data analysis, boasting a reduction of almost 600 hours of machine checking and maintenance time per year. In addition, Family Mart is set to establish 20 more smart convenience stores in Southern Taiwan in the second half of 2018.