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Qualcomm to Initiate a Five-year Industry Development Plan for USD 7 Billion in Taiwan
August 15, 2018

Taiwan's FTC (Fair Trade Commission) recently announced that Qualcomm has promised to establish an operational and manufacturing engineering center in Taiwan by the end of 2019, marking the company's first “real” investment in Taiwan and a happy ending to its spat with the FTC over alleged antitrust violations, the Economic Daily News reported on August 13. Instead of paying the enormous fine, Qualcomm has promised to initiate a five-year industry development plan in Taiwan for USD 7 billion, an equivalent amount as the fine. In addition to the establishment of a new center, the program will also benefit mobile and semiconductor ecosystem, SMEs, and consumers through the collaboration in the areas of 5G, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), IoT (Internet of Things), IoV (Internet of Vehicles), and AI (Artificial Intelligence), new market expansion, as well as startup and university collaborations. Qualcomm’s major business in Taiwan now is focusing mainly on licensing business, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and tailored projects with Taiwanese companies. The new center will strive to connect the entire supply chain in the Asia Pacific region in order to benefit the economy worldwide. In return, it will also help Taiwanese strengthen its position in the global IT industry supply chain. Since the center is due to be set up by the end of 2019, Qualcomm is reportedly to release the location of the new center soon.