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Google to Build Its Third Data Center in Sinagpore
August 02, 2018

Google recently announced that it will spend USD 850 million building Singapore's third data center to meet the growing cloud computing demand in Southeast Asia, the Tech News reported on August 1. Coupled with the expansion plans for data centers in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the overall investment will total around USD1 billion. Located in Jurong West, Singapore, the third data center will be near the first two data centers and be one of the most efficient and environment-friendly buildings in the region. Google's first Southeast Asian data center was set up in Singapore in 2011, and its second one became operational in 2015. The reason for the building the third one is due to the growing demand for cloud services in Southeast Asia, given an accumulative number of more than 70 million first-time internet users and more than 300 million internet users since 2015, which is even larger than the total United States population. In addition, since Google launched GCP (Goolge Cloud Platform) services in 2017, local companies like Singapore Airlines, Wego, Go-Jek and Carousell have used it to provide cloud services for their global customers.