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Xilinx Acquires DeePhi Technology to Deepen Presence in Machine Learning
July 20, 2018

US-based programmable chipmaker Xilinx recently announced that it has succeeded in acquiring DeepPhi, a China-based machine learning startup, and has strived to expand its presence in machine learning, the Yahoo News reported on July 18. The deal price, though yet to be disclosed, is reportedly around USD 300 million. From this point on, DeePhi will align with the development of Xilinx by putting emphasis on the domain of autopilot and driving assistant. Prior to the acquisition, DeepPhi has been using Xilinx's FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) for its machine learning projects and develop a dedicated solution to compute convolutional neural networks. The solution is now used by surveillance cameras and NVR/DVR (Network Video Recorders)/(Digital Video Recorders) to conduct video and image recognition on up to 9 channels of 1080p videos and 30 human faces in a single frame. Furthermore, the solution is scalable for everything from smartphones to servers.