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Senao and Pure Storage Cooperate in Smart Retail
July 15, 2018
Pure Storage announced that Senao has introduced its smart retail solution Pure Storage FlashArray//M50 to successfully improve the performance of database, ERP, CRM and other systems, the China Times reported on July 4. The cooperation has helped Senao in smart retail transformation within a month. The solution has helped the company achieve a 5-10% conversion rate in personalized marketing and event-based marketing success rate of 40%-50%, thereby significantly reducing data center space and overall operating expenses. In 2017, the online shopping mall “Senao Online” was officially launched, providing consumers 24-hour online and offline services. In addition, the “Senao 4.0” plan is expected to take place sometime this year to help Senao save labor and time costs considerabl when it comes to IT infrastructure maintenance.