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Micron Begins Mass Production of GDDR6
June 29, 2018

Micron recently announced that it has succeeded in mass producing 8Gb GDDR6 (Graphic Double Data Rate 6) memory, the Tech News reported on June 26..The performance of GDDR6 is reportedly to be significantly higher than that of GDDR5, with the maximum throughput up to 20Gbps. Other than being used in GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), GDDR6 display memory is also optimized for a broad spectrum of applications that require high performance memory, including networking, automotive, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). With enhanced graphic speeds, GDDR6 can provide higher bandwidth to support more advanced GPU applications, including accelerators, 4K video, VR/AR, and crypto mining, AI-related applications such as machine learning and deep learning, and automotive-related applications such as ADAS and other autonomous driving solutions, as well as other applications in the networking sector.