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Samsung to Build New AI Center in Cambridge and Hire 150 AI Experts
May 25, 2018

Samsung recently announced that it will set up an AI research lab in Cambridge, the United Kingdom, the Tech News reported on May 24. Samsung has already had another two AI centers in Moscow and Toronto. Samsung said that the lab will focus on health and communications research and will recruit 150 AI experts to boost the number of its R&D employees in UK to around 400. The company intends to embed AI technology into all its smart devices by 2020. For this reason, Samsung has acquired over 10 AI-oriented companies, such as US-based AI company Viv Labs and Egyptian AI search engine company Kngine, to smarten up its voice assistant Bixby. The competition over AI talent has been increasingly intense in the United Kingdom. Other than Samsung, DeepMind - a UK-based AI company acquired by Google in 2014 - now has more than 700 employees.