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AMEC Cooperates with Nanchang City Government to Set Up New Production Base in Nanchang
May 05, 2018

China-based semiconductor equipment manufacturer AMEC recently signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Nanchang City government to set up a production base in Nanchang High-tech Zone for MOCVD (Metal-Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition), a technique for depositing thin layers of atoms onto a wafer, the Sina News reported on April 23. AMEC has also signed sales contracts with a number of China-based LED epitaxial wafer makers including Shenzhen MTC and Xiamen Changelight. The Prismo series MOCVD equipment developed by AMEC has shown excellent performance in many LED production lines in China. Under the pact, AMEC will begin large-scale production of MOCVD with independent intellectual property and aims to build a world-class research and production facility. The first phase production base on the same premises is slated to begin full production in early May and the company is set to start second phase construction in 2019.Furthermore, the company will also work with a Nanchang University’s National silicon-based LED engineering technology research center to facilitate the industrialization of LED epitaxial wafers.