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Display - Panasonic Taiwan Moving into Higher FPD Sizes
May 18, 2004
Panasonic Taiwan will develop a branded 30" LCD TV in-house. The model is anticipated to account for a large share of the Japanese group's exports of LCD TV 30" and above during 2005. Along with Matsushita's 37" and larger PDP (Plasma Display Panel) TVs, this model is expected to comprise the bulk of the company's domestic and overseas sales.

Since the fourth quarter of 2004, Panasonic Taiwan has developed its own 20" and 30" LCD TV to replace 20" models imported from Japan. In July, the company is planning introduce 27" models to fill out its product line.

As Matsushita concentrates on PDP TV, its LCD TV production will be delegated to Panasonic Taiwan. Matsushita now has three PDP TV plants in Japan and China and is expanding investment and production. 37", 42", and 50" sizes account for the bulk of the company's PDP TV shipments.