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MediaTek, Microsoft Cooperate in IoT
April 22, 2018
MediaTek recently announced that it will work with Microsoft to launch a SoC (System on Chip) supporting Azure Sphere to drive IoT innovations with built-in security and connectivity, the United Daily News reported on April 18. With a Wi-Fi (Wireless-Fidelity) controller built within, the MT3620 SoC can significantly reduce the cost of connectivity by connecting billions of Microcontroller Unit (MCU) - powered devices from the household and industry sectors. MediaTek has cooperated with Microsoft to accelerate the market transition from standalone MCUs to cloud-connected MCUs. The MT3620 is sampling to lead customers and is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2018. With more than 9 billion MCU-powered devices entering the market annually, Microsoft aims to build a new ecosystem around Azure Sphere, consisting of silicon vendors and ODMs/OEMs from a broad range of industries.