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Xiaomi, Foxconn Jointly Set Up First PCB Assembly Plant in India
April 13, 2018

Xiaomi recently announced that the company and Foxconn have set up three new mobile phone factories, including the first SMT (Surface Mount Technology) facility for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly, according to United Daily News on April 9. Thus far, Xiaomi has a total of six mobile phone factories in India and 95% of Xiaomi smartphones sold in India are locally made.. PCB is one of the most important components of smartphones as it accounts for nearly half of the BOM cost. Xiaomi strives to achieve 100% in-house PCB production in India by the third quarter of 2018, up from the current 95%. In addition to Foxconn, Xiaomi also makes a number of smartphones at another plant in Noida with another partner Hipad. Recently, Xiaomi has overtaken Samsung to become India's largest smartphone brand by shipment volume.