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Synnex, Huawei Deepen Cooperation to Explore Commercial Market Opportunities
April 13, 2018

Synnex recently signed a global cooperative agreement with Huawei, the China Times reported on March 31. Under the tie-up, Synnex officially becomes the major strategic partner of Huawei. The two sides will provide comprehensive and high-quality communication products and technical services such as enterprise innovation applications and cloud solutions for global expansion in the commercial market. Synnex’s global sales and distribution channels can help Huawei extend its reach to the commercial market worldwide while Huawei has a wide range of solutions to address demand for cloud computing, storage, and network efficiency. In the past, the cooperation focused more on building the region-region connection strengths to jointly create a regional sales, service, and content delivery network (CDN). In the future, the two sides will upgrade the cooperation to the enterprise-level for synergies to explore global commercial opportunities together.