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Amazon's Checkout-Free Store Uses Key Components from Taiwan
February 01, 2018

Amazon's new checkout-free store Amazon Go officially opened in Seattle and has adopted several key components provided by Taiwanese companies such as Eink, UltraChip, and Arizon RFID, according to the Economic Daily News on January 23. A checkout-free store needs the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), ESL (Electronic Shelf Label), smart storage, and biometrics technologies. Among these, RFID and ESL are the most essential parts required. Eink plays a pioneering position in the global ESL market with products that feature low power consumption, support flexible applications, appeal to Amazon, and are adopted by Alibaba's unmanned stores. Taiwanese YFY (Yuen Foong Yu) Group, originally set up as a paper manufacturer, has invested into these three companies and therefore is likely to catch the rising tide of public interest in unmanned stores.