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Taiwanese Winbond to Earmark USD11.1 Billion for a New DRAM Fab in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
September 07, 2017

Taiwan's MoST (Ministry of Science and Technology) recently announced that Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer Winbond is set to build a USD11.1 billion factory for manufacturing DRAM and flash memory products, according to the Commercial Times on September 6. Situated at the Kaohsiung Science Park with a surface area of 25 hectares, the new fab will hire nearly 1,000 local employees. Details of the new fab will be disclosed at its upcoming board meeting. In addition, Winbond also plans to expand production capacity at its 12-inch fab in Taichung to increase from 44,000 to 48,000 wafers by the end of 2017, and further to 53,000 wafers by 2018.