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Taiwan's NCC Announces 5G Spectrum Allotment Plan
August 25, 2017

With 5G receiving increasing attention, Taiwan's NCC (National Communications Commission) plans to allocate the frequency bands ranged from 3.3 GHz and 3.8GHz and from 24.25GHz and 29.5GHz for 5G services, with an aim to help the country speed up the transition to 5G, according to press release of NCC dated August 9. This is the move to back up the Ministry of Transportation and Communication's decision to offer more unused spectrums for telecom operators to conduct 5G service trials. Meanwhile, the Commission is to launch a third round of spectrum auction for 4G towards the year-end 2017. While the 700MHz, 900MHz, and 1,800MHz frequency bands allocated for 4G services have helped generate the revenue of NTD 146.57 billion (USD 4.87 billion), the third round is estimated to raise an additional NT$70 billion (USD2.33 billion) in revenue.