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Winbond, Macronix Have Separate Capacity Expansion Plan
June 26, 2017

Winbond Electronics and Macronix are NOR flash companies from Taiwan. With demand continuing to exceed supply, both companies plan to expand their production capacity, Economic Daily News reported on June 20.
Macronix was the world's largest NOR flash supplier in 2016, with NOR flash accounting for 58% of its revenue. Without revealing its expansion plan in detail, the company however stated that its clients have increasing needs for low-power NOR flash which are used in IoT and mobile devices. And the company hopes to resolve the imbalance between supply and demand by the middle of next year.
Meanwhile, Winbond currently can churn out 44,000 memories per month, 40% of which are NOR flashes, and 60% are DRAM. Winbond expects its factory's monthly capacity to increase to 48,000 memories by the end of this year, to between 52,000 and 53,000 next year, and up to 56,000 by 2019.