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Foxconn and Intel Collaborating on Technologies for 5G
May 30, 2017
At Computex 2017, Foxconn and Intel are to unveil their significant progress made to create 5G network environment while Asia Pacific Telecom, a subsidiary of Foxconn, will promote pre-5G experiencing activities in Syntrend Creative Park Taipei at the end of this year, reported by NOW News on May 24. This is a follow-up of an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed between two companies at last year's Computex to collaborate on the development of network infrastructure technologies for 5G. The partnership of Foxconn and Intel include the development of MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) solutions, CRAN (Cloud Radio Access Network), and NEV (Network Edge Virtualization). All these have been implemented various tests and verifications in the network environment of Asia Pacific Telecom. The MEC system allows intelligence to extend to the edge of the network that enables ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, and real-time access to information from the network.