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Taiwan NCC Urges 50%-70% Homegrown TV Content
April 06, 2017

The Taiwan NCC (National Communications Commission) stated that cable and wireless TV network service providers should air 50% to 70% of domestically produced content or will face the maximum penalty of NTD 2 million (USD 65,831), reported Economic News Daily on April 6. To protect and foster homegrown content, the act has been stipulated to ensure 70% of total TV content aired are made by Taiwanese content providers and, in prime time from 8pm to 10pm, 50% of dramas are local. The act will start to take effect in June this year. Homegrown content from January as of the end of March 2017 has constituted between 64% and 70% of the total content on TV, according to statistics provided by CTS (Chinese Television System).