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Advantech to Develop IoT Solutions Jointly with ARM, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft
October 28, 2016

Taiwan's industrial computer maker Advantech announced at its Embedded IoT (Internet of Things) Partner Summit to cooperate with ARM, Intel, Microsoft, and IBM on developing IoT solutions from device to cloud services, reported China News Agency on October 27. Advantech will focus on four strategies for IoT business growth, including IoT-enabled ARM-based platforms, wireless technologies, WISE-PaaS (Platform as a Service) services & marketplaces, and EIS (Edge Intelligence Servers). Advantech's customers in vertical markets will be given more software options, such as IoT device management, machine learning, and visualization software. Looking ahead, Advantech expects that EIS and SRP (Solution Ready Platform) will be the major driving forces of its growth, contributing  to around 25% and 30% of its product value, respectively.