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Sigfox Separately Teams Up with Quanta and Advantech for IoT
August 11, 2016

Sigfox, a JV between Samsung and Softbank, recently announced that it will separately join hand with Quanta and Advantech to tap the growing demand for servers and base stations in the world of IoT, according to Chinese-language website United Daily News on August 8.
Headquartered in France, Sigfox's main business is to provide long-range, low-power technology for the IoT; its wireless network services have been used in IoT devices and sensors. Advantech reportedly will help Sigfox install all base stations around the world, including 450 base stations in Taiwan, according to the same source. Over the years, Quanta’s revenue from servers has increased over 20% year-on-year while the company has been shifting focus to cloud-based services and the IoT industry.