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Taiwan's 4G Auction of 2.6GHz Spectrum Raises NT$27.9 Billion
December 08, 2015

NCC (National Communications Commission) said that the auction of 2.6GHz frequency band ended on December 7 with four telecom operators paying a sum of NT$27.9 billion (US$849.6 million; US$1=NT$32.84), exceeding the floor price by 93.9%, reported Economic Daily News. Chunghwa Telecom was the largest bidder, paying around NT$9.96 billion (US$303.3 million) for two new blocks (10MHz+20MHz) allocated for FDD-LTE (Frequency Division Duplexing Long-term Evolution). Far EasTone acquired a 20MHz block of FDD spectrum and a 25MHz block of TDD-LTE (Time-Division Duplexing Long-Term Evolution) spectrum, for NT$9.13 billion (US$277 million) in total. Taiwan Star Cellular paid NT$6.61 billion (US$201.3 million) for a 20MHz block of FDD spectrum, while Asia-Pacific Telecom spent NT$2.25 billion (US$68.5 million) for a 25MHz block of TDD spectrum. Taiwan Mobile withdrew from the auction late last month.