Asia Express - Mobile Communications
Taiwan 4G Subscriber Base on Track to Reach 8 Million
August 26, 2015

NCC (National Communications Committee) said that Taiwan's 4G mobile phone users had exceeded 7.93 million by the end of July, adding around 720,000 each month in June and July, reported Commercial Times on August 26. The growth momentum was stronger than previous months in which around 500,000 users signed up for 4G services per month, thanks to telecom operators' continuous provision of flat monthly fee for 4G services. Chunghwa Telecom remains the market leader in Taiwan with over three million 4G users, followed by Far Eastone Telecom and Taiwan Mobile, each boasting two million 4G subscribers. Asia Pacific Telecom has signed up 400,000 4G users and Taiwan Star Telecom has reached 330,000 subscribers.