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ASE Considers Raising Capex Again to Meet Strong Customer Demand
June 27, 2014

IC packaging and testing company ASE (Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.) said that it was considering increasing its capital expenditure this year for the second time from US$950 million to around US$1 billion, as it expects to be running in full capacity in the second half of 2014, reported Taiwan's Commercial Times on June 27. In May, the company's monthly consolidated revenue reached a record high of around NT$13.4 billion (US$445.2 million; US$1=NT$30.097), propelled mainly by SiP (System in Package) services for Apple and surging orders from semiconductor foundries. ASE's capital spending will be invested in FCCSP (Flip Chip Chip Scale Package), wafer bumping, and SiP, said the report.