Founded in 1987, Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC, previously known as the Market Intelligence Center) is a division of the Institute for Information Industry and a leader in Taiwan's ICT industry research and consultancy. MIC is dedicated to providing a broad range of research on global ICT industry, covering supply chain analyses, market trends, emerging technology and major players' movement, as well as Taiwanese IT industry development. With a research network spanning across Asia, MIC is ideally positioned to provide the intelligence, insight, and unique perspective necessary for our clients to make informed decisions.
Research Coverage
MIC Research Features:
  • Complete Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry intelligence and insights
  • Leading ICT vendors' supply chain analysis, strategic deployment and competitive landscape
  • Integrated consulting service based on unique research methodology and our role as a government think tank
  • Most update-to-date worldwide/Taiwan/China market trends and forecasts
  • Over 3,000 ICT research reports available from year 2001
  • In-depth focus on supply and demand based on primary research
Computing Systems
  • Desktop PC
  • Desktop PC Motherboard
  • Notebook PC
  • Server
  • Server Motherboard
  • Tablet
Network Communications
  • Emerging Technologies
  • FTTH
  • Home Gateway
  • IP/Cable Set-Top-Box
  • IPTV Service
  • VoIP Equipment
  • VoIP Service
  • WLAN
  • PLC
  • Femto cell/ Data card
  • e-Content
  • e-Entertainment
  • e-Shopping
  • Internet User Behavior
  • Online Advertising
Innovation Foresight
  • Case Studies of Classic Products
  • Case Studies of Public Policy Planning
  • Future Product Technology and Development
  • Technology Convergence
Mobile Communications
  • 4G/5G
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Mobile Communications Market
  • Mobile Services
Digital Lifestyle Research - Consumer Behavior
  • Home Entertainment
  • Home Notebook PC
  • LCD TV & Digital Appliances
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Payment
  • Mobile Service
  • Emerging Display Technologies
  • Large Area TFT LCD Panel
  • LCD TV
  • Small & Medium Panel
E-Business and IT Services
  • Business Applications
  • IT Spending
  • Open Sources Software
  • Security
  • System Integration
  • Smartphones
  • Wearables
Multimedia Consumer Electronics
  • Car Electronics
  • Compact Camera Module
  • Digital Still Camera
  • Game Console
  • Set-Top-Box
  • Key Components
Regional Research
  • Asia ICT Industry Overview
  • Asia ICT Market Overview
  • Asia Macro Environment
  • Fabless IC
  • IC Packaging and Testing
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
Research Methodology
Primary research with a holistic, cross-domain approach
Our exhaustive primary research methods are central to the value that MIC delivers. A combination of questionnaires and on-site visits to the major manufacturers provides a first view of the latest data and trends. Information is subsequently validated by interviews with the manufacturers' suppliers and customers, covering a holistic industry value chain. This process is backed up by a cross-domain team-based approach, creating an interlaced network across numerous interrelated components and system-level devices to ensure statistical integrity and provide in-depth insight.

Complementing our primary research is a running database and secondary research of industry and market information. Dedicated research into the macro-environmental trends shaping the ICT industry also allows us to forecast future development trends and generate foresight perspectives. With more than 20 years of experience and endeavors in research, MIC’s methods and methodologies include:
  • Component supplier interview
  • System supplier interview
  • User interview
  • Channel interview
  • IPO interview
  • Focus group
  • Consumer survey
  • Production database
  • Financial data
  • Custom database
  • Technology forecasting and assessment
  • Product assessment and selection
  • Product life cycle
  • Added value analysis
  • Market trend
  • Scenario analysis
  • Competitor analysis
Media Coverage
Local competitors

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MIC's headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan at the following address:
19F., No.216, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd.,
Taipei 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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